logBee.Backend application is responsible for saving and centralizing the logs and other metrics.

logBee.Backend exposes REST endpoints which can be used to save and to query the data.

Creating a request by consuming the REST endpoint:
 POST http://localhost:44088/request-logs
   "organizationId": "_OrganizationId_",
   "applicationId": "_ApplicationId_",
   "startedAt": "2024-03-11T14:36:31.108Z",
   "durationInMilliseconds": 41,
   "httpProperties": {
     "absoluteUri": "http://localhost/catalog/createProduct?locale=en",
     "method": "POST",
     "response": {
       "statusCode": 200
   "logs": [
       "logLevel": "Information",
       "message": "Creating product..."

For technical support, questions or any feedback, please feel free to send us a message and we will get back to you.