Some of the common reasons for which the logBee server can fail to run include:

  • Configuration\logBee.json configuration errors

  • Services connectivity errors (such as SQL, Azure Cosmos DB, Storage accounts)

  • SQL permissions errors


App Service Log stream

If an App Service fails to run, the first step is to check the App Service Log stream.

App Service Log stream

Application logs

Both App Services save their internal logs under home/site/wwwroot/logs folder.

To access the internal logs, navigate on the App Service overview page. On the left menu, under “Development Tools”, click on the “Advanced Tools”, then click on the “Go” link. This will open the Azure Kudu service.

Once on the Kudu service, navigate to the application files by clicking on “Site wwwroot” link.

Kudu Service
Kudu Service
Application logs folder
logBee.Backend application logs

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